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Background: The background will be white or red.

Expression: You will take the photo with a neutral expression with your mouth closed, not laughing, smiling, frowning and not showing your teeth. With both eyes open, contrived expressions such as raised eyebrows or squinting are not acceptable.

Head Position: The head of the person photographed will be neither at an angle nor turned (portrait style).  Your head must be square to the camera; your face can not be slightly rotated and or tilted.

Eyes & Line of Sight: The person in the photo will look directly into the camera. The eyes must be open and dearly visible and may not be covered by hair or spectacle frames.  The camera lens must be at the eye level of the person being photographed , not from above or below

Lighting: The face will be evenly illuminated by the flash on the camera. Reflections or shadows on the face as well as red eyes must be avoided.

Photo Quality: The photo will be printed on high-quality paper with a print resolution of at least 600 dpi (especially when taken with a digital camera). The photo must be neutral in color and skin tones will appear natural. The photo will have no creases or impurities. Photograph will be enhanced for increasing removing spots or softening lines.  Photos will be in color.

Focus/Contrast: It will be, rich in contrast and clear.

Back of Photo: Leave blank.

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